These pictures were taken by Alexander Gardner shortly after the battle that was
fought around the town of Sharpsburg, Maryland on September 17, 1862.

Nearly 23,000 casualties occurred on that day.

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dayofbattle.jpg (45220 bytes) Scene of the battlefield which may have been taken the day of the battle. sharpsburg1.jpg (51035 bytes) Sharpsburg, Maryland at the time of the battle.
burnsidebridge.jpg (59969 bytes) Burnside Bridge - where Union forces sustained 500 casualties trying to cross this bridge. confederatedead1.jpg (39150 bytes) Confederate dead along the Hagerstown Pike.
confederatedead2.jpg (68967 bytes) Confederate dead gathered for burial. confederatedead3.jpg (69751 bytes) Confederate dead in Bloody Lane, a sunken road that was an area of horrific fighting.
confederatedead4.jpg (85215 bytes) Another scene of Confederate dead in Bloody Lane. lincolnmcclellan1.jpg (35653 bytes) President Lincoln and Gen. McClellan at McClellan's headquarters a couple of weeks after the battle.
lincolnmcclellan3.jpg (53020 bytes) Another view of Lincoln at McClellan's headquarters. lincolnmcclellan2.jpg (60656 bytes) Lincoln and McClellan at Fifth Corps headquarters.  (The man standing apart near the tent is Capt. G.A. Custer, later to die at the Little Bighorn).
lincolnpinkerton1.jpg (65099 bytes) Allan Pinkerton, President Lincoln, Gen. McClernand at McClellan's headquarters. lincolnpinkerton2.jpg (64329 bytes) Another view of Lincoln at McClellan's headquarters.


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